What Size Tires Fit on 16×8 Rims?

No matter which car you use, if you are a newbie, you might face problems regarding tire size! Along with the tire size, beginners often do not get the tire information properly. If you are thinking about what size tires fit on 16×8 rims, we can help you out!

Here is an easy method of understanding the tires and the details of the tires. From the tire size to load index and speed ratings, we will tell you how to pick up the right tire for 16×8 rims!

Before You Buy New Tires

Whenever you plan to buy new tires, no matter which car you drive, it is necessary to think about some specifics. Here, we will talk about three major issues that need to be cleared before you purchase a tire. Here are the three major factors to think about-

  • Tire Size
  • Tire Speed Rating
  • Load Index

You might get confused seeing so many complicated things here. But trust us, it is not that tough! As you own a car, you don’t need to consider the numbers much. Here, all you need is to find the information! And for that, you need to check the driver’s door.

Go through the driver’s door of your car, and all the information is already there. From the tire size to the speed rating and the load index, you will get everything noted here! Go and check the fuel flap added inside the driver’s door.

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If you do not get the information there, you must also check the glove compartment where the vital details are included. In some cases, you might be too busy to search for it or not get it. And in that situation, the best option for you is to settle for the vehicle documentation.

There, you will get all the size details you need. Also, the tire manufacturer’s specifications can come to your aid if you are in this circumstance!

What size do Tires fit on 16×8 Rims? The Right-Sized Tire for the Rims!

As you have 16×8 rims, the right-sized tires for the rims will be between 245/75 and 285×75. For these rims, 265 75r16 will fit too! 215/45 tire size will certainly fit your car’s rims. On the other hand, 205/45-16 will fit the vehicle too.

But according to our recommendation, we do not recommend you use these. We do not suggest you use these on wheels wider than 16×7.

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How to Decide the Tire Size?

To get the right-sized tire for you, no matter the rim size, you must keep some important things in mind. We will tell you two rules you need to remember when buying new tires of the right size.

The first thing here is you have to check the specifications recommended by your car. The speed rating, load index, and size are mentioned there. You have to go through it. Also, the tire manufacturer information will help you out too.

Now, the second thing you must remember is that the tires you will set as a replacement should never be smaller than the actual tires. Along with this, the load-lifting capacity of the tire should never be lower than the actual tire.

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How to Read the Tire Documentation?

You must check the documentation before deciding on the tire size. But you might not understand how to read it.

There are also some essential tips for reading the tire specifications. Let us learn how to read the specifications to pick up the right size tire for your 16×8 rims!

  • The tire width will be written in millimeters on the documentation.
  • The height of the sidewall concerning the width of the sidewall in percentage.
  • Radial construction.
  • The diameter of the rim is mentioned in inches.
  • The highest load capacity of the tire or the load index.
  • The highest speed of the tire or the speed index.
  • A run-flat tire with a self-supporting feature.
  • Original equipment key of the vehicle or the OE keys.
  • Compatibility with snow and mud condition.
  • Motor Vehicle Safety Standards complaint with the Department of Transportation.
  • Manufacturer week.
  • Manufacturer year.

What’s the difference between 16×8 and 16×7 rims?

The offset wheels of the 16×8” are about 12 mm. These usually sit outward at 1.25”. In more clear words, these sit towards the fender’s edge or beyond that if you compare it to the regular 16×7” wheels.

On the other hand, the 16×8” wheels will have more suspension clearance than the previous one. It will have more or less 25 inches more suspension!

How big of a tire can you put on the 16×7 rim?

According to the rule of tires, the manufacturers do not recommend you to use tires that are 4 inches or wider than the size of the wheel.

In that case, the largest size of the tires that you can pick up for the 16×7 rim is 11 inches wide. You can also go for tires that are less than 11 inches. It completely depends on you, but you should not exceed the size.

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Can you put 235 tires on the 225 rims?

Most new users think they can experiment with the tires and put the 235 tires on their 225 rims. But trust us, this is not fine at all! All the tires are not usually of the same diameter.

The tires depend on getting more contact with the ground. In that case, the diameter of the 225/45/17 is not the same as the 235/45/17. As the rolling diameter is not the same, you cannot plan to add the wrong tires for your rims!

Wrap Up

If you are using a vehicle and need to change the tire size more often, you already know what tire you need for 16×8 rims. However, if you are a new driver, you might not know what tires will fit your rim. In that case, you have to follow the processes, and you can solve your problem!

If you still face any problems regarding the tire size, you can comment below to know more! Also, don’t forget to share the problems you face while picking up the right tire size in the comment box!

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