How to Unlock Sct X4 Tuner Yourself?

Looking to unlock the Sct X4 Tuner Yourself for your vehicle or truck? Then you are in for a luck.

Because today we will be going to talk about how to unlock Sct X4 Tuner yourself? If you are a vehicle enthusiast, you must be interested in a device to tune your car to flash custom tune.

But before jumping right into the topic let us look at what it is and what it has to offer.

What is an Sct x4 tuner?

The sct x4 tuner is a stock device that allows you to read the real-time data of your vehicle. It also offers you the ability to detect and check valuable sensor data like air/fuel ratio, EGT, etc.

The Sct x4 is a superior model of the previous generation Sct x3. The sct’s x4 device lets the user use the dyno-proven tune files, so you can maximize the torque in addition to the horsepower.

Another great feature of these amazing sct tuners is that they can deal with error code very easily. That results in greater control of your vehicle’s overall performance.

Why Use an SCT Tuner?

If you are a performance enthusiast that is looking to unlock your vehicle’s hidden potential, then opting for an SCT tuner is the way to go.

The sct device makes a direct connection to your car’s computing system via the vehicle’s OBD-II port. This lets you have full control of the performance of your car.

And if you have made a recent change or update to your car performance then you should have a powerful tool like sct x4 in your arsenal.

And the thing that makes sct x4 superior is its simplicity of installation. So if you are looking for the sct x4 tuning guide for your vehicle’s computer, then check the rest of the article out.

How to Unlock Sct X4 Tuner Yourself?

For an average driver who just sold his original vehicle or dealing with a locked sct tuner that needs to be unlocked, it can be very daunting. It is because any sct or Diablosport devices are mainly married to a single vehicle.

That means once you went back to a stock tune or used the device 5 times, your sct x4 will be locked. But the good news is there are a few ways to hassle your way around it.

The first way to unlock Sct X4 Tuner yourself is to check if remote unlock is available for you. You can check the sct’s website, where you will find remote unlock for the currently available part number.

After you have made sure that the serial number or part number is available for you, you can go to From there you will have to provide the serial number of your device and include the payment method for your unlocking fee.

No need to worry, as every performance enthusiast has gone through their fair share of this process without any harm, and so will you.

After the request and fee payment is complete, you will get an update on your email. This will include updated information and sometimes also with SCT’s pre-loaded tune files for your truck.

On another note, every code on the tuner is VIN locked. So you can perform an sct x4 power flash or connect any PCM with an exact matching VIN. After that, simply restore it to stock.

You can also take help from sct x4 power flash programmers in your area so you do not face any error messages along the way.

How do I know if my SCT X4 tuner is unlocked?

To check whether your sct x4 tuner is unlocked or not, go to the main menu of the device. There you can see the firmware information. There you can see how many unlocks are left along with other information you might find useful to tune your truck.

How do I reset my SCT X4 tuner?

To reset your tuner, power up your x4. Then go into the device settings and scroll down. At the bottom of that menu, you will find an option called “Factory reset”. Clicking on this will reset your tuner.

How do I get more unlocks on the SCT tuner?

The tuners usually come with 5 unlocks per device. If you want to get more unlocks on the tuner, you will have to pay a fee of 150 USD. But make sure to check whether the tuner is married to the previous owner’s car if you plan on buying a used model.

How do I unlock my SCT X4?

You can unlock all the non-ford models remotely by calling the service provided. If you are dealing with a BDX or ford Powerstroke, you can buy the unlock online without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about the benefits of sct x4 tuner, what it has to offer, and how to unlock Sct X4 Tuner yourself?

It is time for you to get down to business. If you are an owner of the tuner make sure to keep it updated.

Power up the tuner using obd ii connector to the computer’s USB port and go to the device setting.

Now to access the device updater, scroll down and click on check for updates. Once the update is done, you are good to go.

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