How to Reset Camshaft Position Sensor?

How to Reset Camshaft Position Sensor

The camshaft position sensor (CPS) is an important component of your car’s engine. It sends signals to the engine control unit (ECU) to control the timing and other functions, so when it fails or becomes faulty, it can cause all kinds of problems with your car’s performance.

Thankfully, resetting a camshaft position sensor is not as complicated as it may seem — and in this article, we will show you how to do just that. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can get your car running smoothly again in no time!

What is a camshaft position sensor?

The camshaft position sensor is an electronic device. It is used in an internal engine of a car or any other vehicle. It has a powertrain control module and a position sensor that helps to monitor the position

It can be used in both types of vehicles like diesel and petrol. It has a great management system with much control over the fuel injection and the vehicle’s engine control module. Overall, a camshaft sensor is an essential part of an engine.

Why camshaft position sensor used?

A camshaft position sensor is used to collect information from a lot of places about the vehicle and its engine speed. It has an ECM or engine control module that helps to collect the information by the sensor.

Not just that, but it ensures to let you know the timing of the fuel injection. And that’s what the engine wants. That’s why things become easier for having a camshaft position sensor.
Moreover, a cam sensor can detect camshaft rotation, and the angle as well. For all these reasons, it performs well.

The sensor is attached to the cylinder and its position it is near the cylinder head. So, the detection process will be much easier.

What are the symptoms of having a bad camshaft sensor?

Several symptoms make you sure that your vehicle is having a bad camshaft sensor. The first thing you can do is to have a look at the engine light. You will notice that your “check engine” is on the dashboard.

Having a situation like this doesn’t mean your camshaft is bad. The reason could be many. But there is a slight possibility that’s why you should check it timely.

Further, you can get a professional mechanic to check if the sensor is bad or not. A bad crankshaft position sensor or a bad crankshaft can make engine damage. Check if there are any ignition problems included or not.

Furthermore, if you find any poor acceleration, then a bad crankshaft sensor can be a reason. Also, check out the fuel mileage. If there is any bad fuel mileage, it can be because of a bad sensor. If you check well, you can find the answer.

How to Reset Camshaft Position Sensor?

You cannot reset a faulty camshaft position sensor. If you are experiencing issues with your camshaft position sensor, such as a check engine light, poor acceleration, sputtering, or stalling, you will need to replace the sensor. Here are the steps to replace a camshaft position sensor: 

  • Disconnect the battery: Before starting any work on your vehicle, it is essential to disconnect the battery to avoid any electrical accidents.
  • Locate the sensor: Consult your car’s basic maintenance handbook to find the location of the camshaft position sensor. Familiarize yourself with its appearance and placement within the car. 
  • Disconnect the sensor: Once you have located the sensor, disconnect the three wires connected to it. 
  • Remove the old sensor: Use the appropriate tools to remove the old camshaft position sensor from its mounting location. 
  • Install the new sensor: Take the new camshaft position sensor and install it in the same way the old one was removed. 
  • Reconnect the wires: Connect the three wires from the new sensor to their original positions.
  •  Reconnect the battery: After the new sensor is installed, reconnect the battery to restore power to the vehicle. 
  • Run a CASE relearn: Use an advanced OBD-II scanner to perform a CASE (crankshaft angle sensor error) relearn, which is the recommended recalibration process for a new sensor.

If you are not comfortable working on your engine, it is recommended to hire a mechanic to replace the camshaft position sensor for you.

replaced camshaft position sensor


How do you fix a camshaft position sensor?

Fixing the camshaft position sensor is the same as the setting and resetting process. You need to repeat, accelerate and decelerate for some time and that will be enough to gradually fix that sensor.

Do camshaft sensors need to be programmed?

Yes, camshaft sensors need to be programmed as these are not programmed yet. Also, if your sensor is bad, reprogramming can solve this problem.

Can you clean a camshaft sensor?

You can clean a camshaft sensor if you have much knowledge about it. Also, if you have a bad sensor, cleaning helps to solve the problem in some cases.

Can you change the camshaft position sensor?

Yes, you can change a camshaft position sensor. But you need to have the proper knowledge about it. But taking help from a professional is a better option if you have less knowledge about it.

How do you relearn a crankshaft sensor?

Crankshaft sensor relearning is easy. You just need to accelerate at 55 mph for some time. After that, decelerate at 40 mph for some time without using the brake. That’s how you can do relearn.

What happens when a camshaft sensor goes bad?

When a camshaft sensor goes bad, it won’t work properly. It will be slow while processing and transferring data. Also, the fuel delivery is also not right. It occurs with poor acceleration and a lack of power.

Can a car run without a camshaft position sensor?

Yes, your car can run with a crank position sensor. The car will not shut down if the sensor is not present. But having a sensor is always a good option.

What will a bad crankshaft position sensor do?

A bad crankshaft sensor can create a lot of trouble. It creates some error codes that give you warning signs. It fails to give you the correct transfer data. Moreover, it has a wiring problem. So, these are the symptoms of bad wiring.

How do you fix a crankshaft position sensor on a circuit malfunction?

To fix a crankshaft position sensor, you need to fix the engine from the error code. Take a scan tool for this. At first, know what the condition of the engine is and then work accordingly.

Get to know whether the engine is running or cranking. Also, it should give you an RPM signal. And if that doesn’t happen, then you need to fix it by conducting a visual inspection.

How do you adjust a crankshaft position sensor?

If you want to adjust the crankshaft position sensor, you need to follow the steps properly. First, disconnect the battery. After that, take the sensor and identify it. Disconnect the wire and then remove the crankshaft position sensor. That’s how you should do it.

Can you clean the crank position sensor?

Yes, you can clean the crank position sensor all by yourself. You just need to know the exact process and you are good to go.

How much does it cost to replace a camshaft position sensor?

To replace a crankshaft, the cost of it starts from $95 to $200. If you need the parts too, it will cost around $25 to $100. Also, if you need to hire any professional, the labor cost will be $70 to $100.

Can I drive with a bad camshaft position sensor?

No, you cannot drive if the camshaft position sensor is bad. The car will fail at that point when there is a problem with your sensor.

Can you clean a camshaft position sensor?

Cleaning your camshaft position sensor is a good trick if you have a problematic camshaft sensor. So, you can clean it by knowing all the techniques.

Can you clean a crankshaft position sensor?

Yes, you can clean a crankshaft position sensor. And doing it can increase performance. So, it is a good idea for sure.

How do you clean a camshaft?

Take a towel and wipe out the area that you think is needed to clean. After that, blow off the areas as well with some compressed air. It helps to remove any kind of shed fiber. Last but not the least, put some cam lube and run it in a proper way to make sure everything is fine.

How do I know if my camshaft position sensor is bad?

There are some symptoms you need to notice. First, your vehicle would not work as well as it used to. You need to check the engine light to see the difference. In some cases, the vehicle won’t start. And all that happens because of having a bad sensor.

Can you drive without a camshaft sensor?

You can but it will be a disaster. The reason is, that if you don’t have a sensor, the vehicle will not perform well. Some cars do not even start without a camshaft sensor. So, driving a vehicle without a sensor is a bad idea.

Final Verdict

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to reset a camshaft position sensor. We’ll need the necessary tools and information to complete the task, so be sure to have them handy before reading on. Once we have all of the needed components, we can start by locating the CPS.

After that, we’ll disconnect and remove the old sensor. Next, we’ll install our new sensor and reset it. Finally, we’ll test the sensor to ensure it’s working properly. Thanks for reading!