How to Open Toyota Camry Trunk Without Key – Quick Hack!

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a spare key to your Toyota Camry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t open the trunk! In this article, we’ll show you how to do it without a key— and without any special tools. All you need is some patience and a little bit of ingenuity.

How to Open Toyota Camry Trunk Without Key?

So if you can’t seem to find your keys in the car door, and trying your best to seek help regarding this problem, then here are some tips that will help you open Toyota Camry Trunk Without a Key.

Look for Spare Keys

Before you panic and call in on a locksmith to open your trunk lid for your precious Toyota Camry, calm down.

At moments of stress, people easily forget about the spare keys they have lying around beside their window or the coat hanger.

In most cases, they just might be in a secure place inside your house. And you will be able to grab your emergency key to open the lock with a few moments of walking.

But in many situations, people also keep their electronic keys, keys to the car’s trunk, and keys to the house in one key ring.

And this is why it is always advised to keep a backup key at your dealership or the trusted local locksmith.

Opting for a Trunk Release Button

If you are thinking about ways on how do you open a trunk without a key or button, then opting for the trunk release button is a good way to go.

Most modern vehicle these days comes with a trunk release button. But if you are driving a Toyota Camry or a Toyota corolla then you are out of luck.

But that does not mean you can create your own smart key system or a trunk release button as an entry function to your car.

But if you are having a regular problem with this issue and having to use the lock button every once in a while, then you can remove the cover of the trunk release button altogether.

Overriding the Locking Mechanism

Another emergency way to get into your trunk lid is by overriding the locking mechanism. Just like every other vehicle, the Toyota Camry has its own override system.

But if possible, let the locksmith deal with critical kinds of stuff like this regarding your car then do it all by yourself.

if you chose to do it yourself, then you would like to have a hold of a battery source. Make sure you are not dealing with any old dead battery, and it has enough juice left in it.

Now access the car’s fuse box and create a short circuit. After that simply pull the lever to access the trunk lid of your Toyota Camry hybrid.

Calling Your Local Locksmith

Unless you have a wireless remote control, and the necessary resource to open the driver door or the trunk lid, depending on your local locksmith is a very handy solution.

They have all the required expertise with a key fob, automatic locks, automobile doors, lock rod, locking pin, and so on. Keep in mind that, even the most veteran car owners sometimes are unable to open the car door when they forget it below the seat.

How to Open the Toyota Camry Trunk without a Key

And Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry le are some of the trickiest cars to manipulate. So instead of stressing over your lost keys, call for help, and get your trunk lid open in no time.

Entry function

When you have all the keys inside your car along with the spare keys, the key confinement prevention function can be activated to open your trunk lid.

If your vehicle is equipped with the smart key system, it will sound an alarm or stop your trunk lid from getting locked in the first place, if you left your keys inside.

SO make sure to equip your car with a smart key system for the future.


How do you get into the trunk of a Toyota Camry without a key?

There are several ways you can get into the trunk of a Toyota Camry.

The most common ways would be to use your trunk lid key, wireless remote control, or pull up the trunk opening lever.

How do you unlock the trunk of a Toyota Camry?

You can unlock the trunk by simply releasing the latch that is on the inside of the trunk and then pulling it down.

How do you open the trunk on a 2013 Toyota Corolla without the key?

You can simply press and hold the switch and then slowly turn it in a clockwise direction to open your trunk.

Can you open the trunk of a car without the key?

You can simply open the trunk of a car by using the inside lever or the remote electronic keys.

How do you open a Toyota car without a key?

You can use an air wedge toolset or wooden wedge to open your car.

How do you open your car when your keys are locked in?

As weird as it may sound you can open your car with a coat hanger tennis ball or even a shoelace. But these methods depend upon the model of your car.

Wrap up

Having a locked Toyota Camry is something that most of the owners faced in their ownership period.

So, in case you are having trouble opt for the solutions listed above and have your trusty slim Jim car tool or air wedge car door lockout kit as a backup for a rainy day.