Do Headers Make a Car Louder?

If you are going to install new headers in your car but you are confused about the service of it, then you should know a lot about it. Check out all about “do headers make a car louder?” to get a better idea.

Headers are connected with exhausts. And if there are louder exhausts, the sound will be louder too. A good way to check whether the car is loud or not is to check rpm. If there is low rpm, the sound will be less and if there is high rpm, the sound will be loud.

If you have a daily driver, you can check the features regularly. That will be the best job if you check it yourself. Without wasting much time, let’s see the detailed features of the answer.

What is Headers? (Definition & Systems)

To conclude, you need to know all about headers first. The only reason is, if you know how headers work, then you will know what will be the reaction. You also know if it disturbs your car in any way or not. Let’s check all about headers to know more.


There is no one type of header available. You can find different types of it. And you should consider the perfect one for your job. There are different sizes of headers and you need to take any of that according to the power they can provide.

Generally, short tubes of headers can accommodate in a better way as they can maintain regulations than long tubes. But short tube headers cannot provide enough power.

On the other side, long tube headers can generate power better than the previous one. So, you need to decide according to your car’s needs.


If you install exhaust headers, you can get a lot of benefits from them. The exhaust system is the one you need to have in your car for better performance. You can get better Horsepower and torque by installing it.

Low-end torque is also a thing you can get if you install aftermarket headers. One benefit the driver can get is to open the car’s exhaust. They can get into an exhaust manifold that generates a sound.


It not only has advantages but also has some disadvantages that you should know. The reason is, that if you know about the ideas, then it will be easier to avoid them in different ways.

The first thing you should know is the installation process. If the headers aren’t installed well, it can reduce emissions. And if that happens, you need to use a catalytic converter but that is illegal.


If we talk about the effects of using headers in your car, there are many of them. As we shared with you before that there are different types and styles of headers available, and the types make a huge difference especially in generating power and sound.

Such as, if you install long tube headers then you can have the most power for it. Besides, it increases the vehicle’s sound as it has a louder exhaust.

But if you install a mid tube, then it generates less sound and power to the engine. So, mid-length tubes are subtle in this case.


We don’t have any fixed consideration for you. All you should know is what you want. And according to your preference, you need to take the proper headers to install in your car.

Different people enjoy different ranges of sound. Some want louder sounds and some are not. If you want a lower car sound, you should attach a mid-pipe and exhaust for it. But if you want a louder sound, you should install a long tube.

If you want your vehicle to sound good and loud, we suggest you lower it down as much as possible. The reason is the comfort of people in a crowded place. Also, you might not like the sound inside the car. So, it would be better if you don’t make the sound louder.


We recommend you install any header by a professional mechanic. You can do it yourself but it would be difficult for you. Also, if you don’t know all about the process, then it will be a disaster for the cylinder of your car.

Besides, exhaust pipes should be installed too. You should take the necessary steps for the engine and exhaust gases too.

It is because if these parts work well, the performance of the car will also be better than before. You can have some exhaust tips first before doing anything with it.

What is Exhaust?

Having the proper knowledge about the exhaust is as important as knowing headers. If you are on a way to set up headers and all other parts of your vehicle, knowing about these things should be the first task. So, let’s check all about exhaust before getting into any decision.

The first thing you must know about the basic definition of the exhaust. What is an exhaust of a car? And how does it work?

Well, there are several parts included. The exhaust system starts with a catalytic converter. It turns carbon monoxide into a less harmful one. Not just that, there are other different parts like stock mufflers and stock headers that help to muffle the sound and slow it down.

It also helps to slow the flow of gas from the engine. That’s why it reduces power and louder sound.

So, if you want to avoid the noise and louder sound of your car, then you need to attach the perfect exhaust to your car. Lower down the sound by setting up exhaust gases and working with the muffler properly.

Do Headers Make a Car Louder?

According to all the things we share, you need to decide whether the headers are responsible for making the sound of a vehicle louder or not. As you already know it depends on what exhaust and header you are using.

On the other side, you need to check if you are installing the correct headers on suitable vehicles or not. Such as, if you want headers for a car, then you need that kind of header. But if you want it for a truck, then the headers should be different.

Also, you should check the muffler delete and engine performance. There is stock exhaust and the stock cat is included.

You have to check if the cats are attached well or not. The combustion chamber, cylinder heads, h pipe, and x pipe are the parts that you should attach and tighten up well.

If you want to judge whether the headers make the car louder or not, you should check the exhaust tone, fuel mileage, cast iron, and stock system first. And after that, check the car sound.

Generally, headers don’t enhance any sound and it doesn’t make any car louder. But if the headers don’t fit with the engine then it can create a louder sound that it shouldn’t do. That’s the reason we suggest you check all the features first.

Wrap Up

We shared with you several ways to know if the header makes the car louder or not. The biggest difference is that when you set long headers, you get a louder sound.

On the other side, when you install shorty headers, you get less sound. Get all the ideas about “do headers make a car louder?” and then you know if it makes the car louder or not.

Check out all the details about primary tubes, stock system, normal engine, and exhaust leak to get the authentic information.

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