Do Headers Increase MPG?

Headers are one of the most complicated parts to install when it comes to getting your vehicle’s engine ready. On the other hand, no matter whether you run a car or a truck, you always want to improve the gas mileage.  So, is there any connection between the headers and the MPG?

Do headers increase the MPG of your car? Here, we will go through how headers work and what they can help you with. Also, if you want to improve the gas mileage, how can headers help you? We will also discuss headers to increase MPG in other ways!

Do Headers Increase MPG? How Much Does MPG Improve?

Regarding headers, people are confused about whether these can provide you with higher MPG. In this case, all we have to say is, yes, if you settle for a quality header set, the MPG will surely increase.

However, the amount will not be too much to notice. It also will create a visible difference in the HP improvement. More or less, 10-20 or more horsepower will improve.

People install new headers because of the improvement in power or horsepower. With the addition of a good-grade header, your truck can get added power, and you will love driving it.

But if you are setting for the after-market performance muffler or exhaust system, you can expect engine efficiency.

It will increase the engine efficiency from 2% or 10% or more. Now, when you get the increased efficiency, this efficiency can be used to improve the fuel economy or the HP.

Now, this completely depends on you how you will use you! You can go at high speed by increasing the horsepower or settle for great fuel economy and save your wallet!

Things to Keep in Mind Increase MPG of Headers

Yes, there are a lot of header companies that will tell you that adding new heavy-duty headers will improve the MPG. They might be true. But even if they are true, the improvement will be minimal. In most cases, it might not be noticeable.

If you want gains to vehicles with log-type cast iron exhaust manifolds, a good quality header can be very helpful for you. The large tube is bolted to the exhaust ports in such a manifold. This helps in gathering the exhaust gas. In the engine, it takes up a small space.

If you add more mileage, you can go for headers with a cat-back system. Besides adding new headers, there are other options to improve the gas mileage to a noticeable rate.

If you lessen the time you will keep your beast on the road; you can improve the MPG. Also, changing the fuel to driving slow, there are other ways to boost the MPG and save money.

Ways to Increase MPG on Headers

However, if you want to increase the MPG, you can also settle for some other improvements! Here, we will tell you how to develop the gas mileage and make your vehicle run for a bit more time on the road!

Cold-Air Intake:

You can easily improve gas mileage with the help of high-flow cold-air intake. This is the first thing that professionals suggest for improving the MPG. When the air gets more oxygen, you will get better engine power and save a mile per gallon.


Another object that can improve the MPG of your vehicle is the tuner. Some call it a performance chip, and it works according to the name. You need the perfect fuel mixture balance, and you will eventually get better mileage!

Suspension Kits:

Settle for the performance suspension kits, and you are ready to add some MPG! The car cannot expand much power when you use a lightweight vehicle and add heavy OEM suspension kits. As a result, you get to save fuel!

Do Performance Exhausts Increase MPG?

If you want to boost the fuel economy by 2 MPG or close, you can settle for a new performance exhaust. It won’t take much longer; you need an after-market performance muffler, and you are done! It will add more or less a 2-12% MPG improvement. Also, it will improve HP.

What Increases MPG?

Apart from headers, there are other ways of increasing the MPG. Do not use the brake more often. When idle, don’t keep the engine light on. Select the motor oil that fits perfectly and is of high grade.

Check the tires, and do not load your vehicle more than necessary. Cleaning out the trunk is vital too. All of these will help you to increase MPG.

Does a Loud Exhaust Use More Fuel?

A common idea of newbies and seasoned drivers is that louder exhaust uses more fuel. This idea is not correct. Keep in mind that the type of exhaust is not connected to fuel use. When you use a car engine, it delivers power by making combustion.

As a result, there is a lot of noise. And to reduce the noise, you have to install an exhaust system. There is a muffler added there. This will help in lessening the noise and keeping the voyage comfortable! This has no connection with the fuel at all!

Wrap Up

So, now you have learned do headers increase MPG and what sort of headers can help you out. On the other hand, we have also mentioned what you must do if you do not see the headers improving the visible amount of MPG!

Go through the methods we have mentioned above, and you will not be disappointed. The basic work of the headers is to improve HP, and if you get extra MPG, that’s a stroke of luck!