Can You Powder Coat Headers?

Are you looking to add a new finishing touch to your car? Maybe you’re thinking of powder coating your headers. While this is a great idea, you should know a few things before you take the plunge.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of powder-coating headers and tips on how to do it safely and effectively.

Can you Powder Coat Headers?

Yes, you can powder coat headers if you do not want to invest so much money in header coats. As we all know, ceramic coating is expensive, and you must invest a lot to get the perfect coating. On the other hand, a powder coat is highly reasonable.

But before you powder coat your headers, you must learn about many basics. Here, we will tell you how the powder coat will adjust and what problems you will face with this one.

How to Powder Coat Header?

If you have seen the application of powder coating, you already know that this is usually applied dry. When applied, it acts like a free-flowing powder. For applying it, compressed air is used. Along with this, static electricity is added too.

In this way, the powder plastic is electrically charged. And so, the powder gets attached to the surface of your header. As electricity is used, the powder gets added evenly.

After adding the power, the part that you have added the powder is usually baked. It goes through a specific temperature for some time.

In this process, the powder gets melted and then sticks to the header. Eventually, you get a hard finish of powder added to the underlying metal.

Pros of Powder Coating

There is a chance to select the powder when it comes to powder coating. Several powders are available in the market for the perfect coating.

You can do a little research and find out which will fit you. The powder coatings come in several compositions. So, you get the opportunity to choose from them!

Another amazing fact about powder coating is the finish. You are wrong if you think powder coating has only one type of finish.

There are specific powder-coating finishes available. So, you can get whatever you choose. The same goes for the color of the coating too. From the various colors, pick the one that suits your taste.

While powder coating, you can use any conductive metal. You can powder-coat almost everything! From automobile gears like the headers to the frames, powder coating gives you a vast area to explore.

This sort of coating is way better than paint coating. Yes, paint coating is considerably inexpensive, but powder coating is something you should pick up if you want something more durable than the paint coating.

On the contrary, if you compare it with ceramic, it is very inexpensive. For the no-so-expensive car headers, you might like powder coatings. Also, if you like to change the coating of your headers more often, powder coating can be a savior.

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Cons of Powder Coating

The worst part about powder coating is the powder will cure at 450 degrees. At the headers stay inside the vehicle, they get too hot. And the temperature might exceed the endurance of the powder coating.

In this case, remember that the powder coating you used is plastic. And eventually, the plastic will melt! So, if your headers get too hot, there’s a chance that the coating will melt.

No matter how many coating colors and finishes there are, the powder coating will not look as posh as the ceramic coating. The looks might not satisfy you. At times, there are chances that you go through serious accidents if the headers get too hot. There can be a big fire too!

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

And if you are a little confused about choosing powder coating now, you can also settle for ceramic coating. We always recommend ceramic coating because it can offer you a better outcome.

Let us learn why you should use ceramic coating instead of powder coating.

Ceramic coating has higher heat resistance than powder coating. So, the coating will stay perfect in high temperatures even if your header is too hot when you run the vehicle.

For the high-resistance powder, this sort of coating doesn’t get tarnished. Also, the heat cannot damage it at all.

The performance of the ceramic coating is better than the previous one mentioned here. These are highly durable. If you apply such a coating, it will provide you with long-term service without any complications.

The finish of the ceramic coating is way better than any other coating you get on the market for headers and automobile gears. It provides you with a candy-like gloss that you can die for! Also, there are several colors available to choose from!

Some complaint about chemical stains on their headers after using several coatings. And if you don’t like such stains, ceramic coating is the best solution for you. It keeps away all the stains and ensures that the headers are just as glossy as new.

If you are tired of the road salts, gas, and oil around the headers, you must ensure that a coating can save the headers from such stuff.

Otherwise, these can end up in corrosion and rust. Eventually, the headers will not work! In this situation, the ceramic heading should be your preference over the paint or powder coating.

Will the powder coat hold up on headers?

The powder coat will hold up on headers but not for long. We know you might be planning to powder coat your headers, but we do not recommend you settle for powder coating.

The powder paint usually gets melted. The temperature gets higher than 1200 degrees when your headers start working, and the powder coat will not be able to work on such high heat.

How much does it cost to powder coat a header?

The lowest price for powder coating a header is more or less $50. However, for the 4 cyl. A long Tube Header will cost $130 to $160 or more. If you want to settle for the 4 cyl. Short Tubular Header, you have to pay about $125 to $145 or close.

For the 4 cyl. Cast Exhaust Manifold; keep $90 to $105 ready in your wallet! And for the muffler, you have to pay $60 to $80. The prices are only estimated here; the actual price may vary.

What is the best coating for vehicle headers?

The best coating for the headers of your vehicle so far is ceramic coating. The powder coating melts off when the heat is too high. But the ceramic holds up way longer than the powder coating.

Also, the finishing is better than the other coating. From durability to outlook, ceramic coating wins the battle!

Wrap Up

If you plan to settle for a coating for your headers, it is time to properly research the different types of coatings available in the market.

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