Can You Drive a Car with Leaking Struts?

Nothing that leaks can be good! From the water from the tank of your house to the leaking struts of your car, trust us, anything that leaks should be taken care of immediately! And if you are still driving the car that has leaked struts, it is time for you to be cautious!

If you see an increase in the tire tread wear or the unstable vehicle on the road, chances are your struts are not working fine. And in the worst-case scenario, the hydraulic fluid inside the strut might be leaking.

So, what should you do when the car struts are leaking? Can you drive a car with leaking struts? Should you replace it or try to fix it? We know you have a lot of questions! And we have all the answers! Let us know what to do!

Can You Drive a Car with Leaking Struts: Diagnosing and Solution

Before you learn if you can drive your vehicle with leaking struts, you must understand what struts leak. If you know the reason, you can easily decide if you want to keep driving with the leaked struts or if you want to replace them with the newer ones.

Diagnosing the Leaking Struts

According to the drivers, this is a very common suspension problem that they face. If you see that the struts of your car are leaking, you can check it properly to learn more about it.

Before replacing it, you must know why the car struts are leaking and what solution you can go for. If the front struts of your vehicle are leaking, you have to understand that this is caused by the old parts of your vehicle. At times, the struts seals break.

Too old struts can be the reason behind this. When the seal is broken, the fluid will not stay inside; instead, it will get out! You have to check the struts so that you can understand if the seal is broken or not.

At times, the struts of your vehicle are new but still, they leak. In most cases, the reason behind this is any force or accident. If you go through an accident, it might shake the suspension system.

It can result in damaged front struts. If the struts get bent or go through dents, the struts will get damaged. So, you have to inspect for dents and bents too!

In easier words, the struts of a car get damaged by the tires hitting the grounds. At times, they are worn out from being too old. And eventually, you see fluid leaking from the struts!

Driving a Car with Leaking Struts: What to do?

In most cases, you will only see a small wet spot on your tire. Yes, there is a small leak on the struts of your car that caused it to leak a bit of fuel.

You should not worry much about such small leakage. Such leaks do not have any effect on your car while driving. So, you can avoid this if you want.

But there are also times when you will see a large area of a wet spot on the tires of your car. This means the tire is leaking a lot of hydraulic fluid. This should be a cause of concern for you.

The tire will look oily in this case. Along with wet spots, you will feel the damage while you drive. Your car will be unstable on the road. You will see your car bouncing a little more when it encounters any bumps.

Also, when you take turns on the roads, the vehicle will be tipping on one side a bit more! These are the common symptoms of your car struts leaking fluid. And sometimes, the symptoms can get more and more in course of time.

This is when you should plan to take initiative for replacing the leaking struts. Yes, the best way to take your car back to normal and make the rides comfortable is by replacing the leaking struts!

Dangers of Leaking Struts

Most people think that leaking struts are not dangerous. We agree to the very small leaks. However, the leaks that are large and cause you trouble while you drive require a lot of caution.

And on that note, let us tell you, it is very dangerous to ride your car on the road with leaked struts. As the leaked struts will cause you an unsteady car, it is easy for you to lose balance on the road. And in that case, accidents are very common.

At times of turning the car, you will be heavy on one side which can also result in severe damage to your property! In short, the stability of your car highly depends on the car’s struts and if they are leaking, it gets unstable and prone to misfortunes.

And so, we recommend you take the necessary initiatives and replace the leaking struts as soon as you can if you want to avoid unwanted mishaps.

It is okay to drive with leaking struts?

There are times when your struts will fail. No matter if they fail for the uneven road conditions or any serious accident, if the struts start leaking, they should be replaced immediately. We often take this lightly but it can make your car wobbly on the road which can cause serious accidents.

How much does it cost to replace the leaking struts?

If you have leaking struts and you want to replace them, you can hire an expert. You have to pay more or less $450 to $1000 or more for replacing the pair.

However, there are times when you need to replace only one strut. It will cost you about $150 to $350 or close. If you can do it yourself, for the pair, you only need to pay about $150 to $350.

Can you replace one strut?

Struts come in pairs. If they are damaged, mostly, the experts suggest you replace them together. But at times, only one strut gets damaged. You might not want to invest too much in replacing both of them. In that situation, you can also replace just one strut. But it is safer to replace them together.

Wrap Up

Driving a car with leaking struts can be dangerous. However, if you are worried about small leaks then reduce your worry! We have mentioned when you need to worry and take essential steps!

Follow the method we have mentioned and you surely can avoid any sort of accident without any trouble. Don’t forget to write to us about how you take care of the leaks in your struts. What initiative do you take when you see the leaks?

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