5 Best Tires for BMW 328i

Do you own a BMW 3281i? Are your BMW tires not working as they used to? Do you want to replace the tires with something that can give good competition to the original ones that were installed?

If the answer is yes, you must get a new pair of tires that can afford you high performance along with durability!

Yes, you can always add regular tires to your BMW but you won’t get the same traction, braking facility, steering, and comfort with each one of them.

When you want to ride comfortably on the roads regardless of the pavement’s situation, you always should pick up a top-notch brand for the tires of your BMW. I agree there are tons of brands that promise to afford you high-grade tires.

You cannot trust all of them! And selecting one from the crowd is more complicated. And so, I have suggested to you the top five picks of best tires for BMW 328i!

In a Hurry Here are Top Picks:

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Buying Guide – Tire for BMW 328i


Not all the tires are perfect for all the pavements or roads. Sometimes, the roads are wet and other times they are dry. How would you know which tire will work best on a specific type of pavement? Yes, not all the tires work amazing on every road.

For snowy or icy roads, some tires can fit perfectly. Go for winter tires if you live in a snowy or icy area. On the other hand, if you live in an area where most of the year is summer, you have to pick up the tire that fits the dry pavements.

The people that have to go through both these seasons can rely on the all-season tires. This is the middle ground for picking up a tire if you almost pass every type of pavement.

Tire Type

Whenever it comes to different types of tires, we recommend you settle for the touring tires. These fit the BMW exceptionally.

The touring tires are incredible for providing comfort while driving. So, the ride will be smooth. Along with this, you must keep in mind that these will afford you quietness.

Who likes to listen to annoying noise when they are already suffering the rough roads? Apart from this, the fuel consumption is low with the touring tires.

And with all these facilities, you will get outstanding longevity! So, if you are picking up one, I recommend you go for the touring tires for your BMW 328i.


Pick up the tire that gives you responsive handling. Yes, the high-performance tires are designed to afford you the ultimate handling experience.

With these, if you run the car at a higher speed, even then, you will get stability. If you are a person that often drives a car on the highways, ensure that the handling facility is impressive.


The shortest the distance of the brake, the safer you are! So, never get the tire that has the moderate braking feature. Instead, settle for the one that has a short braking distance.

With these, even if you are at the highest speed when you push the brake, the car will stop in the shortest possible time.

As a result, it makes you safe even when you are on the verge of encountering an accident.


No matter which tire you get, the traction of a tire is one of those foremost things that you cannot avoid. The resistance between the ground and the tire should be balanced.

On the dry pavements and especially on the wet pavements, the traction should be better so that you can ride safely.

Treadwear Information

So, if you don’t know how many miles you can run with a tire or what you can expect, you cannot decide which tire to settle for. And so, you must learn about treadwear information beforehand.

For this, tire mileage is necessary. Go through the side of the tire and you will find some numbers. These numbers will show you the treadwear info.

The higher the treadwear, the longer the tires will serve you! Who doesn’t want that their tires last for a long period! For this, you have to make sure that the tire you choose has longer treadwear.

Best Tires for BMW 328i to Buy

Now, I am already at a significant part of my review. Here, I will go through an in-depth review of each of the best tires we have mentioned above.

From the features to the major specs along with the positive and negative aspects, I will discuss them in detail so that you can pick one without any dilemma.

1. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

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Yes, all-season tires are perfect for almost the whole year but no car lovers will suggest you pick up an all-season tire for your performance driving.

Though the name will tell you that it is an all-season tire, it works better as a high-performance tire! The durability of the tires has mesmerized me!

As an all-season tire or a high-performance tire, this one lasts longer. Along with this, the company provides you a treadwear warranty of 50,000-miles. However, keep in mind that the tires are a bit noisy if the pavement is rough.

If you hate noises, you might not like them much. But the traction of the DWS06 is excellent and the short braking distance will amaze you!

Yes, I agree that these tires will not be the most ideal replacement for your summer tires. But more than the other ones, it will fit the best!

If you are running it on the street, it is almost concealed and you won’t know the difference! If you have used any summer performance tires, these will be an ideal replacement for those.

The Continental Extreme is sharp on the road. The best part about this tire is though it is made for all-season, this works best as a performance tire with a perfect cornering grip.

Along with this, you might worry about how the tire works in the rainy season. Let me assure you, no matter it is a tad bit of rain or it is cats and dogs; your DSQ06 tires will stick to the road with a smooth movement!

People often are seen worrying about hydroplaning but in this case, it has resistant power against it!

2. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

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I have seen people that are new to this tire don’t find it much interesting unless they get used to it! And once you get used to driving these tires, you will find that they are highly cooperative with your driving skills.

This is one of the leading tires for regular roads. But the best part is you will get incredible racing-level performance. These are just the best deal in the market if you want the tires for summer.

It gives max-performance in such a season. And don’t think too much about the cornering grip because, with these tires, you will get an incredible grip even when you are taking a turn with your BMW.

I am mesmerized by the braking capability of the tires too. Along with this, the traction of the Pilot summer tires is better than the other identical tires on the market.

Though these tires are designed for the summer, they can work in the rainy seasons too. No matter how wet the road is this Pilot will keep you glued to the road without making the road slippery for you.

The users of this one told me that it is just like the performance tires for the summer season! The treadwear warranty by the company is about 30,000-mile.

However, I won’t deny that the price of these BMW 328i tires is a bit on the higher side.

3. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

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For this, I will suggest you settle for these Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 tires that can go smoothly on the road no matter what the winter has done to them!

This is specially designed for snowy areas and if you live in one, you can give it a try. The all-season tires might fail but this tire can run smoothly on the snow as if there’s no snow at all!

And the traction on such a road is outstanding! It will never give you worry about the acceleration. People like me worry about the braking distance but with these tires, the distance is the shortest and the reliability is the highest!

Even for the newbie, the handling is safer with the WS90. The car won’t move or slip away! Along with the snow, you might face ice in the winter. And nothing beats the ice the way this Bridgestone kit does!

The traction along with the braking, everything is great even on the ice! Whenever you are on wet roads, these can be your savior.

Also, the Blizzak works fine on the dry roads too! However, the thing that bothers me is the company doesn’t provide any treadwear warranty for their tires.

But without the warranty, they charge a lot more than the other identical tires on the market. Though the performance is incredible, these facilities matter to the users too!

4. Michelin Premier A/S

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And among the all-season tires, another Michelin product comes in! The tires by the brands are incredible already and this non-run-flat all-season tire will give you the ideal fitment for your 328i BMW.

If you compare it with the performance tires, it won’t do that great as the cornering grips are not comparable to those. However, if you are on the street and running this all-season tire, you won’t see any differences!

This is a grand-touring tire but if you compare it to the identical tires on the market, you might see that this one wins the battle when it comes to the steering facility.

Along with the steering, the traction gives you high expectations. Also, the grip is great. The wet traction of the tires will never let you switch to any other company!

People that don’t like their BMW to be too loud on the rougher pavements will enjoy these tires! However, it comes with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles which might dishearten you a bit.

Also, among all the tires we have mentioned here, this one will cost you the most. But the astonishing fact is that even if the tires are worn out; they will keep the vehicle safe in wet conditions!

5. Bridgestone DriveGuard

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This tire for BMW328i is the Run-Flat version. So, if you prefer it, you can go for it! Among the other run-flat tires in the market, this one is loved by the users because it is manufactured in a way that it gets lightweight.

And when the product is lightweight, the performance and handling get better! The responsive steering will make you buy this one, I bet!

Apart from that, the cornering grip is something to envy for. For dry roads, the braking is designed to be at a short distance. The traction is also made impressive on the dry pavements.

On the other hand, this DriveGuard by Bridgestone is impeccable on wet pavements too. You can have proper control of the vehicle for the ultimate handling facility.

The best part is it gives you resistance to hydroplaning! If you are deciding on the comfort of riding, you will surely fall in love with the DriveGuard tires. These are not too noisy on the rough roads providing you a smooth and almost soundless ride.

Along with this, you will get a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles from the company Bridgestone. Compared to the other run-flat tires, this treadwear warranty is one of the best!

But if you plan to move with these tires on snowy pavement, they might disappoint you. These are not constructed for snowy or icy roads. But that’s how the all-season tires are made, isn’t it?

My Top Picks

All of the above-mentioned tires for the BMW 328i will work flawlessly with your car! All of the brands are here to afford your envious service.

However, among all the tires for your BMW 328i, I will vote for the Continental Extreme Contact DWS06.

This one is a touring tire and will settle for almost all seasons and all pavements. To recap, you can easily find the best tires for BMW 328i by checking out all the details about the tires.


Which sized tires are on a BMW 328i?

If you are a user of the BMW 328i and are confused about which tire to pick up, I recommend you settle for the 17-inch rim size. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe tire size for these tires will be 225-50-17. In some cases, you might not like it or it might not fit.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThen, you can also try the 18-inch rum size for your BMW 328i tires too. The size of this tire is 225-45-18. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe front tires will be 225-45-18 but the rear tires will be 225-40-18. Make sure you check it before you buy.

What tires does BMW use?

The BMW is one of the most famous and expensive cars in the car market. And so, the tires should be as great as the car to provide the ultimate traction, acceleration, braking, steering, and treadwear.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAnd there are only a few brands that can afford you such high-grade service. To provide you with all of the above, the brand BMW uses the tires by Michelin.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWe have included the tires of this brand so that you can replace the previous ones. Also, other tire brands can work with such perfection, check them out.

Can you put regular tires on a BMW?

If you are planning to add regular tires to a BMW, you can do it. The run-flat-equipped BMW can easily handle the regular tires and work accordingly.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBut if you add regular tires there, you might see some drawbacks while adding it. However, we suggest you get a good brand for your BMW to get better service.

Should I buy run-flat or regular tires?

There are benefits to both, but in the end, it really depends on your lifestyle. If you’re the type of driver that feels uneasy about driving on a tire with no air in it, then run-flat tires are the way to go.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOn the other hand, if you don’t really drive much but need to change your tires often, then don’t bother with run-flat tires. Run-flats are designed to be driven on for only about 50 miles before you have to change them because they’re damaged.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you live in a cold climate and drive on snowy roads, run-flats give you an advantage for obvious reasons. If you drive around town and mostly around the city, you don’t really need them.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eSo, the best way is to check your local weather and road conditions and buy accordingly. If you’re buying tires on wet and cold roads, you should probably go for run-flats.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou cannot simply buy regular tires and expect them to work that way. Run-flat tires require some special wheels and some special alignment done to your car. Run-flat tires are also expensive. That is why it is always better to use regular tires.

When should I replace my BMW tires?

At what mileage you should get BMW tires replacement, depends on your driving habit.u003cbru003eIf you want to check the tread depth of your tires, then you should get your tires checked because tires get hard after 6 years, which is 60000 miles.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf the tires are hard, then they will be less effective in rain and snow. You should replace your tires if you get any of the following signs. The first sign is your car won’t drive straight. This sign usually occurs mostly when starting off.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe second sign is pulling to one side. This sign may occur when you drive on a smooth road. And the third sign is vibration when you drive on the highways.

What’s the correct tire pressure on the BMW 328i?

Correct tire pressure of your BMW 328i is very important for a safe ride. Every tire has a max and a min pressure indicated on the side of the tire.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe max pressure is the pressure you should use on a BMW 328i. Proper pressure will increase the fuel economy of your car and improve the handling on the road.

Do I need new TPMS sensors when I replace the tires?

It depends on the car. The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a safety feature of a car. Its purpose is to warn the driver if a tire has low or high pressure. Low tire pressure can cause the tire to overheat, which can be a safety hazard.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIn some cases, low tire pressure can cause a blowout. In most cases, the TPMS sensor is built into the wheel. It’s a small device that’s connected to the valve stem of the tire. It sends a signal to the car’s computer to warn the driver of a tire that’s losing air.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhen a car has a TPMS sensor, the car will not start if a tire pressure problem is detected. Because of these safety benefits, the TPMS system has been required on new cars for many years. In some cases, a TPMS sensor can be built into a wheel.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIn other cases, the TPMS sensors are built into the wheel hub. In this case, a TPMS sensor system can cost more to replace. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIn some cases, it’s cheaper to just replace each wheel. The tire pressure warning light will remind you when it’s time to check the tire pressure.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, if this warning light goes on and stays on, it could mean that your TPMS sensor is broken and is not sending the proper signals to the car.