5 Best Struts for Toyota Camry

Do you have a Toyota Camry but you cannot understand what would be the best fit for it? If that is the case, then you should know struts for Toyota Camry.

Refer to this list of the best struts for Toyota Camry to find the most suitable ones. A high-quality strut must have some qualities to be suitable for the vehicle.

And getting that one is important as you don’t want your strut to get damaged after some use.

For clearing your confusion and let you know about the best one of all, we have made a list of the top 5 struts of all time and made a comparison so that you can judge these products and decide what the best one will be.

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Buying Guide – Strut for Toyota Camry

Though it is a strut and you don’t change it quite often, you need to be sure before buying any of that.

There are some basic things that you have to consider before taking any decision. Check what the facts are.


When you are planning to buy a strut, you should know what the functions of that particular strut are. Also, if you need those facilities for your car or not. For that reason, know the functions first.

The basic function of a strut is to keep your vehicle stable and give you a comfortable ride while driving.

Moreover, you should check the functions whether fit with your model or not. Further, check if you get all the parts with the package or not. That makes the assembly process easy.

Not just that, the strut also can handle every road condition. That’s how you can get a comfortable ride. The design of an ideal strut should be perfect as well.

It helps to give you a good performance. Also, it should prevent swaying after installation. It is an important thing that has to be included in it.


You can find several types of strut in the market. There are a lot of varieties of it. And to choose the best one for your car, you have to know what kind of strut is suitable for your car. For Toyota Camry, you can find a lot of varieties too.

But not all kinds are suitable for that particular model. That’s the reason, get the proper idea of what strut has what type of functions. Then choose according to the features and your choice.

However, getting information about compatibility is tough and tiresome. There is an easy way to find out all about the compatibility information of the good quality struts.

You can check the compatibility list on the brand’s website. Also, check if your vehicle is suitable for the strut. And if all the things are fine, you can get that one.

Easy Installation

You probably notice that there is an easy installation facility that you can get in some struts. So, make sure you check whether the facility is included in it or not.

Moreover, some struts have pre-assembled features too. That helps to reduce the trouble of installation. And that makes the process easier than the one that doesn’t have the facility.

Further, the package of some of the struts has some extra parts included. That makes the installation procedure quick as you don’t need to collect the parts. You can get it in this package.

Furthermore, you can save some money as you don’t need to buy those parts individually for the repair. So, it is also a great part that you can get while buying a strut. But to ensure it, you have to make sure that the feature is included in the strut that you want to get.

So, you can install and repair your strut anytime you want without any hassle. There is no need to hire any other person for that. So, check the feature to get the total benefit from one deal.


Durability is something that you must have in that product that you are planning to buy. It ensures how long the product can last.

When you are buying a strut for your car by spending a lot of money on it, you have to check this feature. The strut should be a high-quality one with much durability.

It is because if the strut doesn’t have that feature, it may not last for a long time. Also, it must have the quality of giving you a better result in any situation. That’s why I check this thing before buying.


Who doesn’t want a good-quality strut? When it’s about your precious car, you have to be precise about your decision.

The first thing you have to be sure of is the quality. Generally, a good quality strut is made of good quality steel. So, for knowing the quality, check the details of the material of that strut.

If you get a strut that is good in quality, then you can have durability in it. It can be long-lasting and give you better performance as well.

The struts can also be capable of avoiding noises, vibration, and pressure. So, you should know that the best strut is made of good quality material.


A strut is used in a car to ensure the complete stability of riding. If you can have stability, you can have safety. So, it is equally important, and you have to be sure there is stability in the strut that you are buying.

Besides, the strut should tolerate high temperature and pressure. It also should ensure less vibration and noise. And it can be possible if you have an ideal strut with proper stability.


Size matters even if it’s about strut. There are numerous types of struts available out there. But you have to be sure if that particular strut you like is suitable for your car.

As we already explained the compatibility fact to you. Having the proper size of the strut is also the same kind of important.

For that reason, you must choose the strut that is suitable for your car model. Check the size and dimensions of it first.


No matter what product you choose, it must have some warranty facility. It is because, without any warranty, you cannot understand how many days it can last.

And buying this kind of strut isn’t a good decision at all. So, make sure you check the information and other policies before getting it for your car.

It’s not only about your money but also the car’s health. Using a bad strut can damage the car as well. That’s why you have to be careful about all the things first.


The most important thing that people ignore most of the time is safety facts. But it is an important fact when it comes to any vehicle.

Though you need to be safe while driving a vehicle, make sure you use one that can assure your safety. The vehicle may be of some modern technology that is capable of providing complete safety.

But if you are not using a good quality strut for it, it cannot give you the proper safety. So, when you are buying a strut, check the details of the best struts and make sure it gives you proper safety.

Best Struts for Toyota Camry to Buy

Different vehicles need different struts. And while buying a strut, you need to know some basic things about struts and what kind of strut you need for your vehicle.

And when it comes to replacing a strut, there are some facts you have to be sure of before getting a strut for a Toyota Camry.

Let’s check what the struts are for the Toyota Camry and what the things are that you should be careful of.

1. Monroe Quick-Strut 172205 Strut Assembly

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We choose this Monroe strut as our first choice. There are several reasons behind it. First of all, it has an easy installation.

You don’t need any compressors to repair. There are the parts included with it that you may need. Moreover, the strut is fully assembled.

The particular mounts and coil spring helps to restore ride height. That’s how you can control handling while riding. Besides, you can have a smooth ride every time you use your vehicle.

Further, the OE style design makes a seamless fit for your vehicle that makes it different from others. You can get structural integrity because of its weld design and superior tube. That’s how you get a proper strut with complete durability.

The fitting is perfect. It goes with your Toyota Camry pretty well. If you want a strut that has an easy replacement and quick installation feature, you can choose this one. It saves your time, and you don’t need to give much effort to that.

Furthermore, this strut can handle the weight of your vehicle perfectly which it has to do as an ideal strut. So, you can completely rely on this product.

Not just that, it maintains vehicle control. You may notice some vehicles vibrate which is annoying.

But this strut avoids that by reducing body sway. You can travel with much comfort on any road of any condition.

It removes the irritating vibration and improves vehicle handling. So, overall, it is a good option if you want the best struts for your Toyota Camry.

2. KYB SR4085 Strut Plus Assembly

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We suggest you pick this strut if you need the perfect one for your vehicle. KYB is a well-known brand that produces good quality products for a long time.

And when it is about strut, it ensures better quality than most of the brands.

Several features are included that prove this strut as the best one of all. KYB offers pre-assembled struts that can give you a comfortable ride.

There is a specific design with OEM quality shocks. It is designed in a certain way to provide a proper ride height and original handling ability.

Also, the left and right design with components make sure that you have a complete experience of a smooth ride.

Besides, it has an advanced coil spring with a corrosion-resistant coating. That helps to keep the strut safe from any damage and it becomes a long-lasting one.

For that reason, you can travel as much as you want without having any trouble. Moreover, it helps to handle your vehicle’s weight properly. That is needed for having comfort.

The strut is fatigue tested so that you can have faith in it. It can be your ideal strut of all time. Further, it is accurate in its performance.

It can balance the weight well and gives you much efficiency. You can have a great experience if you have it. And if you don’t want any hassle installing a strut, this is the one for you.

3. Gabriel G56942 Ready Mount Strut Assembly

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This strut is useful for many reasons. First of all, it can give you a smoother ride than any other strut in the world.

It has G-Force technology that helps to give you a quick response. That’s why you can control all the settings well. Also, the G-Force piston is included in it.

By having that, you can get reliability. It makes the product durable and long-lasting. So, you don’t need to change the strut again and again. Moreover, the installation process is trouble-free. You need some moments to get the installation done.

The technology they use is new. With this modern technology, you get a lot of features that you cannot get on other devices. The riding process becomes easy and quick to set up. The controlling process is easy to handle. That’s why you can have a safe ride with it.

Further, you should know that this strut can handle all the systems alone. That’s why you don’t need to take all the responsibilities of controlling the vehicle. Smart technology can help you out a lot more.

Furthermore, the steering valve that is included in it is the one that ensures the vehicle’s stability. You can be safe while riding your vehicle because of having this technology in this strut. If you want to drive your car with much stability, then you need this strut.

Last but not the least, the nine-stage valve with orifice disk is another technology that you can find in this strut. It makes control over excessive oil flow which can cause a lot of trouble for many car owners.

But this strut can help you get through this problem. Have an improved ride and get this strut if you want some modern technology for your car.

4. SENSEN 1650-FS Front Struts 2004-2006 Toyota Camry

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Talking about this strut, several features are included in it. And that’s why you need to know these features and facilities first if you are thinking of getting them for your car.

It has some incredible features. Such as, it can make the smoothest ride ever. It makes no noise. And it is designed for vehicles like Toyota Camry.

The design is precise so that it is easy to understand. It doesn’t increase the height of the vehicle. That is a good fact of it. You can install it quickly.

And for the installation, you don’t need a lot of equipment. If you are replacing the old strut, then you need no equipment at all. It makes the process easier than any other strut.

Also, there is a specific coil spring. It can improve ride height. And you can have a perfect fit for your vehicle. The features let the strut provide good performance while using. It avoids every complication. It makes the tire long-lasting as well.

You can have a better car ride that keeps the level of your car precise. Moreover, it has good flexibility. It supports the weight of that vehicle too. What else do you need in this strut?

Not only that, you can get all the facilities of this product at an affordable price. If you have a specific budget for buying any strut for your car, you can go for this strut. It is a good product according to its price range.

5. UNITY 11702 Front Strut Assembly 2002-2003 Toyota Camry

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When it is about your Toyota Camry, we have to let you know about this strut. It is suitable for the 2002-2003 Toyota Camry.

It is a perfect fit for these types of Toyota Camry or any other Toyota Camry as well. The installation process is also easy.

The pre-assembled suspension strut has a coil spring, bumper, insulators, bearing plate, and top mount. With the parts, the installation gets easier than before.

Besides, you don’t need any extra equipment or special tools needed. You can get everything included in it. If you don’t want to hire anyone for the installation and do it all by yourself, you should choose this one.

Also, the strut is constructed to give you a perfect fit than any other strut. That’s how it can give you a comfortable ride with hassle-free installation.

Moreover, it restores the ride right perfectly. For that, you can get comfortable while riding. The suspension struts of Unity ensure top-notch quality.

Further, this strut doesn’t make any noises. But if you ride more than 2000 miles, then it can make some noise. The quality is good, and you can use it for a long time as it is a durable one.

The repair process is also easy. You can get all of it at a reasonable price. That is incredible in its way. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours as soon as possible if you want these features for your Toyota Camry.

Final Verdict

Different people have different preferences. Just like that, you may have a preference too. That’s the reason we have made a list of Toyota Camry struts that surely meets your choices.

Check out the list of the best struts for Toyota Camry to make your decision properly. But first, research well. Make your decision and get your wanted strut for your vehicle.


What brand does Toyota use?

Toyota usually uses KYB Excel-G struts that have OEM features included in them. The reason is, that it is suitable for Toyota vehicles. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you are also looking for a perfect strut for your Toyota car, then you can go with this brand.

What brands of struts are the best?

Some brands ensure the best results for sure. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you are looking for a good quality strut for your Toyota car, then you can get one from KYB, Monroe, Rancho, Gabriel, Prime Choice, and lots more.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eSome more brands are popular for making high-quality struts, such as Unity, SENSEN, Detroit, and more.

How long do Toyota Camry struts last?

Every strut has a certain limit. According to that, it lasts after installing the strut and riding the vehicle.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, you need to replace the old strut when it completes 50,000 or 1,00,000 miles. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eNot just that, if you notice any damage, leaking, or breakage, then you should change the strut immediately.

Are Monroe struts better than KYB?

KYB struts are better for their good facilities and qualities. Not only struts, but it is also good for making shocks. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThey have the capability of making the ride comfort that is an important thing a strut must have in it.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAlthough they are expensive, you can get more facilities and complete safety. It is a better option than Monroe struts.

Can strut last 2,00,000 miles?

You can use your strut as much as you want until it starts leaking. If you see there is no major issue, you can use it even if it is about to reach 2,00,000 miles. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBut it would be better if you replace it sooner.

Who makes Toyota OEM struts?

Toyota struts are different. That’s why it is difficult to match the standard of it. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eKYB has been making Toyota OEM struts for a long time and delivers the best service ever. For that reason, we always recommend getting a strut from KYB.