5 Best Headers for 5.7 Hemi Charger

Your old header might be too old now, it is time to replace it. Whenever you plan to add some horsepower and torque to your Hemi Charger, the easiest way to solve the problem is to install a new set of headers.

Do you know about headers for the 5.7 Hemi Charger? Don’t worry, you will find one! We are here today to talk about the ins and outs of headers for your Hemi.

It is tough to get the best headers for Hemi 5.7 Charger because the market is crowded with headers and it is difficult to pick one!

In a Hurry Here are Top Picks:

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Buying Guide – Header for 5.7 Hemi Charger

Construction Material

When you are dealing with parts of the automobile, you must go through the material of the product. As we are talking about the headers, you must check and double-check the material so that you never get the wrong one!

If you want cheap headers, you can rely on steel headers. However, these will not last for a long period. However, if you want the steel yet better, you can pick up the stainless steel headers. These will give you a long-lasting result and an amazing outlook.

The only negative fact about the stainless steel headers is the color won’t last long on high heat. If the temperature goes high, the headers might turn purple or blue.

In this case, the ceramic coating can provide you with a better outcome as these last for a long period and are capable of withstanding the high temperature.

If you compare these two, we will recommend you to go for ceramic coating as this one looks new even after a while of use. Also, the shine of the coating stays for an extended time.

Header Style

The header style depends on the compartment of your engine. However, you have free will to pick up one over the other. When it comes to the long tube headers or the full-length headers, you will get a better result no matter what.

For standard streetcars, these are the best choice to go for. The cars that have oxygen sensors will need extended wires. The reason behind this is the sensors of design at the end of a full-length header than the exhaust manifold.

On the other hand, you will get comprised headers named Shorty headers. When you want some easy-to-install headers, you can plan to get the Shorty headers for you. However, the performance of the Shorty ones will not be as great as the full-length ones.

In some cases, the long tube headers are tough to install. If you are going through the same trouble with the tight engine compartment, the Shorty headers are the best option to settle for.

Primary Tube Sizing

If you are a pro and are connected to the compartments and parts of the automobile, you already know about primary tube sizing. These are the individual pipes on your header designed for expelling gasses to the collector for every cylinder.

Just like the length of the tubing is vital for the header, the diameter is also necessary. In this case, keep in mind that bigger is not always better.

When you have a streetcar, under 400 cubic inches, the car will ride best if you settle for 1 ½ inch to 1 5/8 inches primary tubes.

In this case, as the RPM scavenging will be low, the torque will be high. If you go more than 400 cubic inches with the streetcar engines, pick up the 1-inch to 2 inches primary tubes. For race cars, go for 1 inch to 1 7/8 inches if it is used under 400 cubic inches.

And if the cubic inches is more than this, settle for 2 inches to 2 ¼ inches. When you have a small primary tube, it will provide you with low RPM air velocity.

As a result, you will get a high RPM air velocity. So, the result will be higher horsepower! That’s all you need!

Best Headers for 5.7 Hemi Charger to Buy

Mounting Flanges

If you do not check the header mounting flange, you might end up selecting the wrong one for you! In most cases, yes, we agree to the thicker the header flange, the better quote.

However, this is not the right thing to do always. When you keep your headers sealed at the exhaust ports, you must ensure the flange is sturdy enough to hold.

So, mounting headers should be sturdy. With this, the gaskets are a requirement too! Never pick up the wrong and flimsy gaskets. The OEM ones are the better always!

In this part, I will summarize the 5 best headers for 5.7 Hemi Charger included in this review with each of the items going along with specific features.

Take a look at this part to know which product is suitable for your purpose of use.

1. BBK Performance 4012 Shorty Headers

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When it comes to the aftermarket performance exhaust headers, this one can completely be your favorite for outstanding performance.

To provide you with increased flow overstock, it is loved by the users. Along with this, it is capable of adding 10-15 horsepower to your engine! Won’t you love some added horsepower?

The best part is you get what you pay for! These best headers for the 5.7 Hemi Charger by BBK will afford you the improvement in Torque you were waiting for.

The performance will amaze you! Along with the performance, the construction is to die for! The aircraft-grade construction makes it more durable than the other standard headers on the market.

These are heavy gauge 1-3/4 tubing. Besides, the laser-cut flanges included here are 3/8 inches. You do not need to worry about the fitment as this comes with a perfect-fit replacement exhaust for your Hemi 5.7 Charger.

Inside the kit, you will get gaskets for the installation process. The hardware you require for the whole method will also be included in the box. If you are dying for the throatier sound from the back of your Dodge Charger, your wait is over!

You can add these short headers and have fun listening to the beastly sound of your automobile! It comes with a large bore added with patented design collectors.

The custom precision had is added here too. To afford durable quality, the robotic welds are enough. The nickel-chrome finish of the headers will last for a longer period.

If you want the glossy finish of the headers to last long, you can settle for these headers. The unrestricted airflow it provides will surely amaze you.

The one-piece laser cut flange is included so that you get additional strength and longevity. On the other hand, if you are worried about the leaking of the headers, you don’t need to worry at all!

The headers are great for affording you a leak-free performance. And for this, the brand has pressure-tested the headers!

If you plan to settle for an aftermarket option now, get your hands on these shorty headers by BBK and you will never switch to other brands!

2. JBA 6961S Exhaust Header

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Another amazing Header for the Hemi Charger is the JBA 6961S one. This goes with the Dodge Charger just perfect. The construction is with stainless steel. As it has a heavy-duty construction, there are no worries regarding longevity.

It will last for a longer period if you install them. Stainless steel provides durability and protection. The installation process will require welding. So, before you install, get ready for the modification process. With the headers, you will get mid-pipes available.

The matching mid-pipes will not only supper the process but will also look fabulous with the headers. If the welding is already done, the installation will be the easiest for you.

The fitment on the other hand is perfect too. It will fit the Hemi Charger and will provide additional horsepower to your vehicle.

With the kit, you will get additional gaskets too. However, we recommend you get OEM gaskets for this process. The only problem you will go through is the oil dipstick tube of the headers. A little struggle is required for this.

The sound that will come from the back of your vehicle will assuredly be louder than before. If you want to settle for a louder and throatier sound, you need to stick to these headers.

All you need is to tune it after the installation process or check the light and you are ready to go! The matching Y-pipe is preferred because you won’t get the right fitments anywhere else.

The headers are full-length headers and the finish is natural. The flange that comes with the kit is of standard design. For the installation, you will require a bolt, studs, and other accessories. All these gears are included in the set for your convenience.

You might require a crossover pipe; however, it is not included in the kit. When you plan to get the ultimate improvement in the RPM efficiency, there can be nothing better than this one. The headers are extra-thick 3/8 inches.

With these, you will get the max amount of ground clearance. As a result, even if you have a lowered car, your vehicle will not drag the collectors! The exhaust ports of the headers are oversized too.

The torque and horsepower both will improve at a drastic rate! In short, this is an all-in-one header for you! It comes with cylinder heads, steering, body mounts, and other stuff you need. Also, the chassis, motor mounts, and bushings are added.

3. Flowmaster 814321 Shorty Header

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If you are searching for the best headers for a 5.7 Hemi Charger that are short-length, you can get your hands on these headers by the Flowmaster brand.

This comes with the 3/8 inches flanges. The flanges added here are thick laser-cut flanges. So, you get aircraft-grade flanges with durable quality! When you plan for the performance increment, you need to find the headers that fit right.

The fitment of these short headers can never go wrong with the Hemi Charger. Along with this, the performance increment is visible here.

If you are not getting enough horsepower from your Hemi engine and you don’t know what’s going through, adding these headers will surely improve the situation.

There will be a visible improvement in the horsepower of your vehicle. Also, the torque improvement is noticeable when you install these headers.

And for an even better result, the headers are Dyno-tuned. This makes sure that the performance is the maximum and you get a better ride every time you get on your Charger.

To keep the headers durable even at the highest temperature, it is coated with ceramic. The ceramic coating ensures that the headers remain perfect when the inner temperature of the engine increases.

On the other hand, construction is also done in a manner that lasts for a very long period. Stainless steel is the basic construction material of the headers.

It provides the ultimate longevity and perfection. The primary tubes are ¾ inches. Along with this, the factory collector connections are included. With these, you will get an ideal installation for the engine.

Also, the leak-proof installation will ensure no leakage at all! The gaskets required for the headers are added with the kit.

The installation process is easy too. All you need is to read the instructions and go for the installation; you can do it alone!

4. JBA 1964S 1-3/4 Shorty Headers

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Yes, another JBA header for you so that your Dodge Charger can get the perfect fitment! JBA headers are amazing! The previous one we mentioned is a full-length header.

However, if you don’t plan to buy the full-length one and you want some shorty in your life, you can try these by JBA. The stainless steel construction will make sure that they last for a long period.

Also, in search of durable headers, you can never get something like this! No matter whether you are going for towing, racing, or regular driving, these can be the best choice for you providing you with a long-lasting outcome.

When we say these headers by JBA can take the beating, we mean it! The patented technology makes sure that you get the power you want for your vehicle!

The heavy-dirty constriction makes sure you install this and forget about it! When you want more horsepower, this one is a fair option for you. Compared to the other shorty headers on the market, these will surely give you more torque.

The throttle response you want will be delivered as it is designed to make the sound throatier. Your Hemi Charger will be a beast for sure! If you are worried about the installation, don’t worry! Additional hardware for the installation process is added with the kit.

All you need is to install these properly. The high-quality hardware will give you the ideal installation. Along with this, the instruction for the installation is also added. For professional installation, all you need to do is go through the details.

If you install it right, there will be no leak at all! These magazine-rated headers include extra-thick collector domes. So, you get a better result than before!

Along with this, the factory-style emission connections make it right for the pack. The flanges that come with the kit are 3/8 inches thick. These are laser-cut flanges, so, you get longevity and performance together! The exhaust port is oversized to keep your engine safe.

5. BBK Performance 4028 Exhaust Headers

[amazon box=”B07D97498P”]

Another BBK in line! Yes, we love BBK exhaust headers because they provide good quality results and durable performance! These are Shorty headers for you if you want a faster installation process and a better outcome!

The best part about this header set is it will give you bolt-on Horsepower. Along with this, there will be visible torque improvement. The throttle response with this header is visible and your vehicle will be more responsive than before.

The headers come with a chrome-plated finish. So, you will get a shiny finish for a long period. The primary tube diameter is about 1 ¾ inch and it comes in a 2-bolt flange design.

The flange thickness is about 3/8 inches. This set comes with all the gaskets and other hardware. So, you will not need to buy anything else to install this one.

The construction material for this header is steel. This can be a perfect replacement for your previous headers!

Final Verdict

So, you have learned about the best headers for 5.7 Hemi Charger already. Are you planning to get one for your beast? We have discusses the ins and outs of the top five headers for Hemi along with the right method to buy one.

If you have checked it, you already have chosen one! Don’t wait, go pick it up! Which one from the headers we have mentioned do you love most? Have you used any of these before?


Will headers bolt up to stick exhaust?

If you go for the short-tube headers, you must know that the packaging of these headers is easier. Along with this, they are designed to bolt right up with the stock exhaust.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAs a result, you get the opportunity to easily bolt the set of headers and in this situation; you won’t need any custom fabrication. Also, if you don’t want to move the equipment, this can be the easiest way.

Do headers add horsepower?

Yes, if you are planning to get the quality headers, you can expect a visible improvement in the horsepower. With the right headers added to the u003ca href=u0022https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Charger_(LX/LD)u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003e5.7 Hemi Chargeru003c/au003e, you will get extra power to ride your vehicle.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMore or less 10-20 horsepower will be added to the Hemi engine when you add the headers.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhen you are restrained with the right foot, you might get to see that there is an increment in your fuel mileage too! So, with the right headers, you get added power and cost-saving together!

How much horsepower do shorty headers add?

Shorty headers are not as good as full-length headers. So, you cannot expect the high-grade performance you get in your full-length headers with the addition of Shorty headers.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, if you get the aircraft-grade Shorty headers for your engine, you can get a good amount of power addition to the vehicle.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWith the ideal headers, 8-12 HP gain is common. However, you must get the right gasket and hardware to keep it leak-free.