5 Best Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700

Yamaha Raptor 700 is a very nice quad that will offer you a lot of fun. We all want to make sure our vehicles are in good condition so that they can provide us with the best performance and efficiency.

This is why we choose to keep it clean, service regularly, check components as needed and make sure there is no damage.

If you want to keep your machine safe, you have to increase its life span and prevent any damage to it such as for example an exhaust leak or spark plug problems.

The stock exhaust on the Yamaha Raptor 700 is not so hot in terms of performance for many riders. However, there are actually a lot of top-rated aftermarket exhaust systems that you can choose from.

One of the ideal upgrades that are worth getting for all Raptor 700 owners is a high-quality exhaust system. Here’s a list of the best exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700.

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Buying Guide – Yamaha Raptor 700 Exhaust

You shouldn’t merely look for the greatest exhausts and get them from reputable companies. Keep in mind the advantages of aftermarket exhaust systems.

What I enjoy most about an aftermarket exhaust is the ability to fine-tune the sound. Stock exhausts aren’t perfect, despite our best efforts.

Let’s discuss the factors that favor Yamaha Raptor 700 Exhaust. Read them carefully and get to know them.


The way an exhaust system is finished says a lot about it! Choose from a wide choice of exhausts available on the market.

Don’t be perplexed till we’ve provided you with a product from a leading manufacturer. The black chrome, carbon fiber, and stainless stain materials are popular among world fans.

Consider your options carefully. In this article, we’ll walk you through the most popular finishes. When selecting an exhaust system, consider your own preferences.

Diameter and Length

The exhaust is a different way to get optimal performance. When selecting exhausts for your Yamaha Raptor, strive to keep the diameter size consistent.

Thankfully, we have the exact fitment for your raptorRaptor. The inlet diameter has improved all of the goods on our list.


The price should be affordable! Easy purchase is the first condition to buy an exhaust system entirely.

Best Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700 to Buy

I’ve picked the five exhausts for Yamaha Raptor 700 from my experience. With the in-depth analysis, you’ll get to choose the compatible one for your need.

1. Big Gun Evo Race Slip-On Exhaust Compatible with 06-19 Yamaha RAPTOR700

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Big Gun Evo Race Slip-On Exhaust for 06-19 Yamaha RAPTOR700 Lowers rpm’s, increases torque, increases horsepower! This slip-on exhaust is made of hand-polished stainless steel and high-flow mufflers for the ultimate sound quality.

This exhaust will give you a deeper tone while still allowing you to hear and be heard on the street when you need it most.

With this exhaust kit, you will immediately see an increase in horsepower and an audible gain in sound when you step on the gas pedal.

The Big Gun Evo Race Slip-On Exhaust is optimized for the latest generation of sportbikes in order to deliver the best sound and performance.

Constructed from T304 stainless steel, this exhaust produces a deep sound that will push your bike to its potential. Designed to work with 06-19 Yamaha RAPTOR700S models. Easy installation that requires no tools!

2. Yoshimura RS-2 Full System Exhaust Compatible with 15-19 Yamaha RAPTOR700

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The Yoshimura RS-2 Full Exhaust System is a premium performance high-quality header system for all 2006-2011 Yamaha YFM700R Raptor 700 motorcycles.

This header system features a full 3″ downpipe with ceramic coating to reduce heat and enhance flow while providing an aggressive sound that compliments the new bike.

This aluminum header system is manufactured using TIG-welded mandrel-bending tubes and has a clear-coated finish for corrosion resistance, as well as polished stainless steel band clamp clamps for a bright shiny look.

The polished stainless steel collectors are made specifically for optimum flow, giving you more power while riding.

The Yoshimura RS-2 Full Exhaust System is designed to fit all 2006-2011 YFM700R Raptor 700 models. The RS-2 is made of high-quality components and features a stainless steel heat shield at the header.

This exhaust system includes Yoshimura’s signature shorty silencer that offers an aggressive yet quiet sound.

The Yoshimura RS-2 Full Exhaust System for the Yamaha YFM700R Raptor 700 is equipped with a full 3-inch system that includes tips.

This exhaust system gets rid of the stock pipe and replaces it with a 3-inch straight pipe. The stainless steel mufflers are made thick to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

This exhaust can be installed by yourself in just half an hour with basic tools, which include a puller tool that makes removing the stock pipe easier than ever before.

3. Big Gun Exhaust 07-1232 ECO ATV Silver Slip-On Exhaust for Yamaha

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The Silver Slip-On Exhaust for Yamaha Big Gun 07-1232 is made of 304 stainless steel. It comes with 3 feet of 3-inch tubing with Muffler clamps.

The exhaust utilizes 2-1/4 inch pipe and has a 1 5/8 inch Heavy Duty EXHAUST Housing that includes a curved baffle to enhance sound and reduce vibration.

This Big Gun silencer has been designed to fit all years of the 07-1232 ECO ATV. Its unique outer mandrel technology with the inner mandrel ensures that it will be a direct bolt-on replacement for your standard OEM steel pipe slip-on muffler.

This Big Gun silencer has been designed to fit all years of the 07-1232 ECO ATV. Its unique outer mandrel technology with the inner mandrel ensures that it will be a direct bolt-on replacement for your standard OEM steel pipe slip-on muffler.

The Big Gun exhaust slip-on for 07-1232 Yamaha YFZ450R is easy to install, just bolt it on and your 07-1232 Yamaha YFZ450R will be booming in no time.

It has the aggressive sound your looking for without sacrificing the performance of your 07-1232 Yamaha YFZ450R. The long-lasting construction ensures that you will never have to buy another exhaust again, making this a great value product.

4. Big Gun Exhaust Evo R Complete Dual Exhaust for 15-20 Yamaha RAPTOR700

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The Big Gun Evo R Complete Dual Exhaust for 15-20 Yamaha Raptor 700 has been put through its paces in the Australian Outback and it has performed flawlessly.

The Big Gun Evo R is a great-looking, well-made exhaust system that is guaranteed to improve the performance and sound of your Raptor 700.

The Evo R is constructed of high-quality MS and aluminized steel, to ensure the product has a long life and keeps the weight down.

The Big Gun Evo R has been designed and tested to give superior performance and comes with a free Big Gun silencer to ensure a full sound is given at the left-hand side of the bike when looking at it from the front.

The Big Gun Evo R has been developed using the latest in CAD and FEA design technology to ensure the exhaust is lightweight and extremely well made.

The Big Gun Evo R comes complete with all the mounting brackets, bolts, and the necessary instructions to ensure easy installation.

5. Yoshimura Signature RS-2 Performance Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700/R/SE 2006-20

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The Yoshimura Signature RS-2 Performance Exhaust for the Yamaha Raptor 700/R/SE 2006-20 does more than just give you a bit more power.

The performance and sound are engineered specifically for your Raptor 700/R/SE to give you a competitive edge.

Not only will you hear and feel the difference, but your Raptor 700/R/SE will be more responsive and run more efficiently with the performance exhaust’s tuned-length header pipe, high-flow mufflers, and SL-2 S-Force header design.


In the past, the best exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700 was a straight pipe that you had to fabricate yourself or a slip-on pipe from a company like FMF.

But in the past couple of years, Yamaha has been making a stock pipe for the Raptor 700. The stock pipes have been a hit or a miss in the past, but the new pipe is a huge step in the right direction.

The pipe has a deep, throaty sound that sounds aggressive at high RPMs, but isn’t too loud when cruising around. The pipe from Yamaha is a great exhaust for the Raptor 700 and can be found at a reasonable price.